Software Factory is dedicated to the intelligent analysis of data for companies. Prometheus Global Solutions banks on the value that it adds to organisations, the processing and meticulous interpretation of internal and external information, thanks to solutions like Prometheus Intelligent Data Suite that facilitate the making of better decisions, favouring innovation and propelling business.

With a team that boasts a broad career in the software development field, Prometheus Global Solutions gets its name from a character in Greek mythology, Prometheus, who created man from clay, but above all was responsible for humankind and divinity not being in different dimensions, by giving humans something as valuable as fire with which humankind achieved independence from serving the Gods.

Back then this was a basic element for the construction of cultures and civilisations that, like today with Big Data, became a key piece in the transformation.

At Software Factory Prometheus Global Solutions we understand that, in the future, data, its storage, processing, and above all its interpretation will be an indisputable element for gaining the same awareness that made the humans created by Prometheus strong. And now, in the present, we should focus on businesses committed to this task with the objective of adding value to their business.

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Prometheus Global Solutions has been created to free the PYMES, just as in the Greek myth, from the servitude imposed by millions of numbers of the Big Data strategy, or Data Analytics. This is out of reach for this business fabric, that like in the myth (humans versus divinities) in no time at all will look like the IBEX35.

Benefiting from the value that can be added by the processing and meticulous interpretation of business information should not just be in reach of the few chosen ones, but of all companies, independent of size. These small companies should also have access to conquer the market to understand through analysis of data, what occurs, why it occurs and even what is going to occur next.

Prometheus Global Solutions wants to lead the process of change in small businesses so that they become more competitive, providing this wisdom of data to all organisations that would like to understand the reality in order to build their own foundations in the future.

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