Listen to the market and what it says about you

Visualise the most relevant news for your business and what Social Networks say about you or your competition

Always being one step ahead. In the current business climate, knowing what possible clients are saying about you and their concerns or demands, is very powerful information. In the same way, managing a business strategy is fundamental for being informed about anything related to the business, the competition or the sector. With Prometeus IDS you will have an intelligent system that will be listening, choosing and showing you in real time, the most relevant information from the main social networks and most important websites in your sector.


Carry out enquiries in a natural language

And get graphs or required lists automatically.

Simplicity first. Prometeus IDS reads and listens, facilitating the searches and the representation of information that you need. Using the Process Bar of Natural Language, based on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic techniques, you will be able carry out consultations in the simplest way possible, without the need for programming anything or following a strict syntax.

Prometeus IDS will understand and process your requests, and it will respond to you instantly with graphs or lists that until now you would only have been able to get by carrying out complex and laborious manual operations.